Dynamo Magician Impossible S01E02 season 1 episode 2


Season 1 episode 2


  1. 1st

    Dynamo+”loops” = best magic EVER

  2. James

    It’s all camera pause and play

  3. James

    He does act pauses camera adjusts it and plays show there’s never a video of it being live is their

    • GrammarNazi

      Grammatically speaking a horrible post, and it is “there” as in the place, directional reference, or objective reference not the possessive “their.”

  4. James

    People get paid to agree with him so the tv show gets big and sells and gets view and makes profit

  5. Cubezz

    Dynamo is sick and if they paused and play don’t u think people would know SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD

  6. Kc

    If you watch the coin closely in the second trick with the black guy you can visibly see him put the coin on his shoulder.

  7. nolly

    what is the song from 7:44 to 9:22 ???

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