Dynamo Magician Impossible S01E02 season 1 episode 2


Season 1 episode 2

  • 1st

    Dynamo+”loops” = best magic EVER

  • James

    It’s all camera pause and play

  • James

    He does act pauses camera adjusts it and plays show there’s never a video of it being live is their

    • GrammarNazi

      Grammatically speaking a horrible post, and it is “there” as in the place, directional reference, or objective reference not the possessive “their.”

  • James

    People get paid to agree with him so the tv show gets big and sells and gets view and makes profit

  • Cubezz

    Dynamo is sick and if they paused and play don’t u think people would know SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD

  • Kc

    If you watch the coin closely in the second trick with the black guy you can visibly see him put the coin on his shoulder.

  • nolly

    what is the song from 7:44 to 9:22 ???

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◣N0NETV2◥•[►]Dynamo [magician impossible]

◣N0NETV2◥•[►]Dynamo [magician impossible]


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