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  • jerome allen

    I need to contact you Steve .

  • farid

    Come on dynamo pruf me you are a real magician

  • Tyler

    Could you clone a ton of hundred dollar bills and send them to me?

  • Arend van der Bliek

    i just need that steve take charge and get in contact whit me

  • Shilpee

    Hi I am in trouble plz contact me dynamo….thnx

  • Ineke van Alphen

    I dont think he is here to solve our problems, but what he does has given me my faith back to God cause WOW….Love you


    Hai, sir, this is Murali C from chennai (Tamil Nadu, India)

    I have seen all your miracle in History TV and it is awe some and you are the only ALMIGHTY POWER to safeguard me hazardous situation

    Sir, I comes from middle family and I wrote TNPSC (Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission) exams for the past 20 years and I could not get successes to enter into the government jobs.

    I have hope I wrote my TNPSC Exams of Group II A well My registeration No. 210810090.

    Sl No. 20500149 on 29/06/2014

    Sir I request you please consider my requisition about my life and enlighten to get good makrs (It is actually objective types answers (four viz A , B, C, D ) for one question like that 200 Questions,

    I wrote only 125 questions only and for secure job in government I require minimum 180 questions to be correct for merit basis.

    So I request you by touching your feet and I bow my HEAD to your feet, sir, please do miracle for getting success in my TNPSC Group II A and my registration No. 210810090

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